Summer and Easter Football training at Bath City Football Club Foundation

Summer & Easter Clubs

The Bath City FC Supporters’ Society has run very successful Easter and Summer Soccer Clubs during the school holidays for 5-15 year old boys and girls for a number of years. These clubs were first devised as a means of providing children with the opportunity to be coached by experienced coaches and to bring on local talent. They also provided an enjoyable and healthy care setting for children with working parents. In the past two years the Easter & Summer Soccer Clubs have involved Bath City players within the coaching team. This year we have started to use our women coaches from Bath University for the first time. At the recent Easter Soccer Club we had an equal balance of two male and two female coaches working with the groups. It was a joy to watch highly talented young women footballers demonstrating to big lads how to disposess a forward of the ball without giving away a free kick. Likewise they demonstrated how a forward might get round a defender and score a goal. After being ‘nutmegged’, not once, but on numerous occasions, by the women the boys took great interest in the skills they were being taught. Hopefully, all who attended the soccer clubs, left with a clear understanding that soccer is a game of skill played equally well by both boys and girls.

It is our intention to extend this provision and provide holiday soccer clubs for all children and young adults who want to be included. We will still need to charge a nominal sum for inclusion, but with sponsorship we hope to be able to make entry well within the means of all who want to attend. The mixture of male and female coaches will continue, as will the inclusion of Bath City players. The soccer clubs will be linked into the school and youth centre projects on future occasions.

Side Photos
Main photo: Fran Wild, Lead Coach.
Top Photo: A hard fought game
2nd: Charlotte with the younger age group*
3rd: Mark Preece preparing to start a game with his group.