Girls football skills

Girls and Women’s

U13 & U15 Girls Soccer Tournaments Summer Term 2014

All tournaments will have an U13 & U15 Section.
There will be approximately eight school teams in each section.

Timings will be 4pm – 6pm (approx.)

Programme below:

1. Tuesday 29th April Broadlands
Teacher: Jackie Griffiths

  • Wednesday 14th May Hayesfield*

  • Teacher: Jo White
  • Wednesday 25th June Writhlington*

  • Teacher: Helen Earle

    Eight players per side with roll on roll-off replacements.
    Ten minutes each match and no half-time turnaround.
    A maximum of two over-age players to make up the numbers, as long as they are fairly new to the game, and a necessary inclusion to make up the team.
    In the event of equal points, for example if 2nd and 3rd place had 6 points each, we then look at goal difference?
    If goal difference are equal, the number of corners will be counted.

    First place each tournament receive a trophy
    1st place team members receive gold medals,
    2nd place silver medals 3rd place bronze medals.
    All other participants a certificate of participation.

    End of Tournament Awards
    Major Trophy to the Overall winners at the end of the Tournament Season. Trophies to runners up and third placed teams.

    We are now starting to get things moving with the younger age groups. Primary school girls from St. Michaels, Junior School, Twerton and girls from Southdown Junior School are getting special training from Kat Hawkins, Polly Wardle and Libby Barnet, three of the stars of Bath University’s Womens’ football team that came runners-up in the British Universities Premier League this season. Give these young girls a few years and we might see some of them gracing the turf at ‘Twerton Park’ in Bath City colours – now that’s a thought!

    One of the foundations stated objectives is to develop and promote girls football in the area. Now that we have Fran working with us, we intend to teach girls on a regular basis so that they can compete at as high level as possible. We started to get things moving with after school soccer clubs for younger age groups in our local primary schools last season. During the early part of the summer term we provided a six week coaching course at Hayesfields school, it was run by Fran and one of the football coaches at the University. The course was extremely successful and, as a consequence, we are going to provide time for her to work in the sports department at Hayesfields and Ralph Allen School during the Autumn term. Her job will be to organise and run after school clubs. Hopefully we will be able to arrange some matches between the schools in the year.

    Side Photos
    Photos from Hayesfield Girls after school football club during summer 2012